Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bad Dog

Arlo has been on some kind of a streak this week stealing everything that's not nailed down and testing boundaries every which way.

He's been with us since June, and in that entire time, he has shown zero interest in our shoes.  Accordingly, we haven't been all that careful about leaving them out.  Our bad.  Earlier this week, for some reason, he decided to turn my favorite Dansko clogs into a chew toy.

Granted he only chewed one--maybe he thought he was being nice leaving me one intact.

This week I've been working with him on better fetch manners.  He gets so excited when I pick up the ball that he can't help it and grabs my hand.  Not appropriate.  He's pretty good about dropping the ball after he retrieves it, so when he does, I say "good boy," and just wait for a sit.  Then I pick up the ball and throw it for him.  If he breaks the sit, I wait.  If he grabs my hand, then I walk away.  Game over.

Today, he didn't try for the ball even one time.  Good boy. :)

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