Monday, October 10, 2011

Gino, 2000-2011

Last Tuesday, we said our final goodbyes to a good bird.  Gino joined our flock in the spring of 2000.  He was a loyal friend to fellow birds Eddie and later Rocky, whom he helped to raise from chickhood.  We'll miss his early morning chirping and wing stretches.  B. will miss sharing her oatmeal and toast.  Breakfast just doesn't taste the same without a bird on your shoulder to share it with.  Gino was a willing volunteer when it came to sampling most foods, but his favorite was pasta.  Wherever he's gone to, we hope he's reunited with Ed and that he gets all the pasta he can eat.  We'll miss you buddy.

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  1. Bianc--I'm so, so sorry to read about Gino. Sending you, Andy, and the menagerie much love. cmr and eo