Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arlo Learns to Settle on His Mat

Ahh, doggy adolescence.  Fortunately it's a temporary state.  And equally fortunately Katie was kind enough to break us in 9 years ago.  We're trying to consistently reinforce the good stuff and ignore or redirect the bad, but still, it requires MUCH patience.

As a reminder to myself that our boy is learning in between the moments of crazy, here's a bit of the good stuff:  Arlo learning to settle on his mat.  Barking in the background courtesy of Katie.  Halfway through I let her into the room, and Arlo was able to keep working while Katie "helped" by providing a low-level distraction.  That kind of focus is actually big for Arlo who, at 8 1/2 months, has the attention span of a gnat.


  1. aww, those floppy ears just kill me dead. i hope the crazies calm soon.

  2. The ears. I know. :) Thanks for watching!